All information and tips about collecting and handing in empty ink cartridges.

Collecting ink cartridges is fun and also provide a monetary reward! We would like to help you best we can. Therefore, on this page you will find all information about collecting and handing in empty ink cartridges.

Where can I ship my parcel?

When you registered to receive the shipping label for your parcel, you might have been able to choose which carrier you use to send your package to us: DHL or DPD. Here below you can click on the link to find the nearest parcel drop-off location.

Check the link...

Recognizing remanufactured cartridges

Recognizing reman ink cartridges

When looking at our calculator you will see a remanufactured cartridge has a different value as an original cartridge. How do you recognize the difference between these two types?


An answer to all frequently asked questions

Hit the ground running with an anwer to all frequently asked questions!


Supporting these 4 charities

When handing in your empty cartridges you can donate the reimbursement to the 4 charities supported by RecycleClub. Curious what your donation will accomplish?


This is how you recognize a defect cartridge

Examples of defect cartridges

There are 3 defects by which a cartridge loses it’s value. U can check this here.


Donating ink cartridges to charity

Uitreiking cheque aand Plastic Soup Foundation

During the first year of the new RecycleClub platform the collectors did an amazing job rasing money for charity with the collection of empty ink cartridges.



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