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We buy back empty ink cartridges of the brands HP and Canon. Unfortunately, you cannot hand in cartridges from brands aside from HP and Canon. We strive to be able to reuse all ink cartridges. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. That is why we need to make a selection early on in the supply chain. Namely, due to the logistical handling it is more harmful for the environment to take back ink cartridge that do not represent value for re-use and having to dispose of them after transport. It is much better to return these cartridges that are not reimbursed to the store you purchased them. When you hand in these cartridges there we can ensure responsible handling and processing.


In case the seller of the cartridges receives reimbursement for the cartridges we strive to pay out reimbursement within 7 days after sorting your parcel. Keep in mind that due to the high amount of cartridges we receive there is a maximum of 30 days between receiving and sorting your parcel. It is only after sorting that we can pay out the reimbursement.


Shipping costs are free from €25,- worth of empty cartridges.


When shipped cartridges show defects, especially when the printhead is damaged, no reimbursement will be paid out for these cartridges.


We create an account for all users of RecycleClub, which you can activate through the email we send after registration. Use this account to view and edit personal- and bank information. In this account the status of shipments is also shown.


Without written consent of RecycleClub it is not permitted to distribute information, images or graphics shown on www.recyclecub.com. The copyright of this website and it’s content is owned by Recoll BV. All rights reserved.


Email sent by RecycleClub (including attachments) is confidential and strictly intended for the consignee. If you wrongfully received email, we kindly request you to inform the sender and delete the email.