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What happens to my empty ink cartridges after I send them to RecycleClub?

RecycleClub is the first phase in the circular economy of ink cartridges.

The empty ink cartridges from your printer will enter a carefully monitored process of remanufacturing. Through RecycleClub, the ink cartridges will be remanufactured in the professional circular process of Recoll B.V. That is because RecycleClub is an initiative of Recoll. They have been giving emtpy ink cartridges “new lives” since 1993. Here you will read about the process of remanufacturing your ink cartridges.

Product sorting

It all starts with an empty cartridge. First, all your collected cartridges will be consolidated and sorted by our sorting centre in Roosendaal. This work is done by young people with a distance to the labour market. When sorted, the ink cartridges are moved to our production location.

Because the quality of the empty cartridge varies strongly, there is an emphasis on the visual inspection of all incoming cartridges. They are sorted per type and quality before being used in further production.


The sorted empty ink cartridges undergo a so-called pre-inspection where all cartridges are tested. They are tested with a so-called shop tester. This shop tester test the electronic circuit in the cartridges. Every cartridge needs to undergo this process to prevent future failure. Only cartridges that pass this test are allowed to continue in the remanufacturing process. As the cartridges will be prepared to be resold, in this stage all current branding will be removed.


Our philosophy is to return the empty to the original state.

First, all cartridges and electronic elements are already thoroughly cleaned to have an optimal starting position. All ink residue will be removed with purified demi water. This demi water is produced in our own purification system where all ions and impurities in the water are removed. Furthermore, the wastewater coming out of production is treated before leaving the facility.

After cleaning with water, the sponges in the cartridges are dried and water residue is removed by centrifugal force. Hot air is used to blow-dry the cartridges. Next, the cartridges are weight and sealed before entering the filling process.

Filling the cartridges is a very precise process. They are filled under vacuum with just the right speed to prevent air from entering the cartridge. After filling, cartridges are weighed individually to ensure the right ink level is achieved. Every ink cartridge is tested and print-outs are assessed. When the quality standard is not achieved the cartridge undergoes the entire process of cleaning and filling again, after which it is also tested again.

Lastly, all cartridges are provided with an identification label and production code for tracing the products in the logistic process.


The final step in the production process. All ink cartridge get brand specific labels and are packed and sealed airtight. Then they are packed in branded boxes with a warranty label and prepared for shipment.


The ink cartridges are now remanufactured and ready to be rebought as private label ink cartridges of the well-known retail chains. And so, the process comes full circle. Due to the careful production process these remanufactured ink cartridges are a high-quality alternative for original ink cartridges.


More information?

For more information or questions, you can always contact us. We answer all your questions via +31 (0) 76-2016009 or per e-mail: info@recycleclub.com.

Do you want to hand in your empty ink cartridges? This is how it works:


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